Scmdraft updated to 0.9.07 - New Ramps !
 Posted: 25-07-2018 00:32:18
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.07. This adds support for StarCraft: Remastered specific ramp doodads and the corresponding map format. The doodad palette was also updates to display the current active custom tile overlays, if custom overlays are enabled.

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A map with the new ramps, and the doodad palette with overlays enabled.

When launching a profile that is configured to use a 1.22 or newer install, ScmDraft should automatically detect the presence of the new datafiles and offer to modify the active profile. Otherwise the patch_ed.mpq file must be manually added as a fourth data MPQ.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds will be made available here. The next major feature will be a unicode build, to improve support for localized map strings.

I would like to thank everybody who took the time to report bugs. Please continue reporting bugs.


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