Civilian 'How-to'
Written by Ace Calhoon

In this tutorial I will show you how to train a civilian at the supply depot. Along the way, I will use many of StarGraft's features. The knowledge you can gain from this tutorial can be applied to create many interesting effects.

Required tools:
StarGraft (version 2.1.3, Build 336 or higher)
Arsenal III (I think this is actually optional...)

(01Open StarGraft and choose Patch Creator.
(02Go to the file menu and select new.
(03Type in a name for your .PAT (I'm calling mine civlian.pat) and hit save.

Buttons tab:
(01You should now be on the buttons tab.
(02Go to the edit menu and select Add Button Group. (We want to create a new button group)
(03In the top text field type a name for your new button group. (I'm calling mine Terran Supply Depot)
(04Click the blank buttons radio button. (We want this to be a blank set of buttons. We could use another set for a template by clicking the an existing button group radio button)
(05Type 2 into the count text box. (We want two buttons in our button group)
(06Click OK.
(07You should now be able to see and edit your button group by scrolling to the bottom of the list and clicking on it.
(08Scroll until you find the Terran Barracks. (There are a couple of things we need, and it is easiest to copy them)
(09Select the 'Train Marine' command (second from the left on the command slider) and copy it (hotkey: ctrl+c). (This stores a copy of the 'Train Marine' command to your clipboard)
(10Select your new command group.
(12The first command should be selected.
(13Paste the 'Train Marine' command over it. (hotkey: ctrl+v)
(14Select the Terran Barracks again.
(15Select the 'Cancel Last' command (second from the bottom).
(16Copy this the same way you did the 'Train Marine' command.
(17Select your new command group.
(18The first command should be selected.
(19Switch to the second command. (dragging the command slider to the right)
(20Paste the 'Cancel Last' command over it.

Units tab:
(01Switch to the units tab.
(02Select the Terran Supply Depot.
(03Change the value in the '# of commands' box to 2. (We want the supply depot to use two commands)
(04Select your new command group in the 'Commands' pull-down menu. (We want the supply depot to use the new button group we created)

Unit Requires tab:
(01Switch to the unit requires tab.
(01Go to the Edit menu and select Add Requirement.
(01Change the 'Create a new requirement group for' pull-down to Terran Civilian. (We want this new requirement group to be for the Terran Civilian)
(01Leave the an existing Requirement Group radio button selected. (We want to use an existing group as a template)
(01Make sure the pull-down is set to Terran Marine. (We want to use the Marine for the template)
(01Click OK.
(01Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the requirement for Terran Civilian.
(01Move the 'Requirement #' slider to the second mark. (This is the unit/structure that can train the civilian, as set by the preceeding requirement)
(01Change the 'Value' pull-down to Terran Supply Depot.
(01Save your changes and exit.

Mini FAQ

Where can I go from here?

The techniques used for moving the buttons can be applied to moving any other button (i.e. spells). Also, for fun you might try creating a CWAD that modifies the Civilian. What about making the civilian have a modified iscript.bin entry (use ICE) and has an attack (use Arsenal III). Just don't forget to convert the CWAD to an SECWAD!

Why are my buttons grayed out?

You need to change either the values in the 'unit requires', 'tech requires (research)' or 'tech requires (use)' tabs (sort of like we did with the civilian).

Document written by Ace Calhoon
Document updated to HTML format by Otak
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