Here the final release of StarLogger 1.0

It logs all incoming and outgoing chat messages in a game, creating a new file for each game in the logs directory within the userís Starcraft directory (determined by the location of starcraft.exe, example: "C:\program files\starcraft\logs\"). The format for the filenames are "month-day-year hours-minutes-seconds.txt" The time is on a 24 hour clock, to avoid confusion, and states when the current game started.

At the top of each log file is the full path of the map used and the nicknames of each of the players. This works over without others running the logger.

This is an MPQDraft plugin and works in Windows 95/98/ME as well as Windows NT/2000/XP. To install, simply put ChatLogger.qdp into your MPQDraft folder and then load MPQDraft using this plugin (no MPQ required).

Please report any bugs/suggestions to

I may or may not release the source code to this as a basis for others wanting to create MPQDraft plugins. I will probably do a version-behind setup, so the next version release will include version 1.0 source code.

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