The StarCraft X-tra Editor (SCXE) - FAQ
1. Setting up SCXE
2. Most common problems
4. Further information


Well, in general this is pretty easy. Just run the EXE you've downloaded and the installation program will start. Only follow the steps there and SCXE is set up like you want to.

If SCXE doesn't run or you get error messages, please read the following notes: The SCXE must be placed in the StarCraft folder to work correct. The installation program locates this file by using the 'InstallPath' information for StarCraft in the windows registry. If this string is missing it could happen that SCXE is installed in the Windows-folder. If this happens please put them in your StarCraft folder. All files belonging to the SCXE have this in their name (apart from the IconsE.dll), so it's not to difficult to find them.

For running the editors some files in the StarCraft directory are needed, they are: Stardat.mpq, Broodat.mpq, storm.dll, editlocal.dll, local.dll, Redit20.dll, SEditEnu.loc, SEditDeu.loc, StarEdit.hlp, StarEdit.gid and standard.snp If you still have problem with running SCXE please contact me via email or by making a post in the forum(


I click on the icon to launch SCXE, but nothing happens: a) In this case you should make sure that the SCXE is in your StarCraft directory and all required files from StarCraft-Broodwar are there, too. Please read aslo the instructions under "2. Setting up SCXE"! b) Perhaps you're running WinMPQ, MPQ2K or another MPQ-Editor or -viewer at the same time. SCXE and also normal StarEdit can't run while such programs are runnig, you'll have to close them first.

I can't find the special mode: You might have downloaded the "Standard Edition" of SCXE 2.1, the special mode is only availible in the "Professional Edition". Download this edition please if you need this mode.

My MPQ-Editor or -Viewer isn't working anymore: Such programs can't be run while SCXE ot normal StarEdit are running. The only MPQ-Editor that works during this is the "stormless MPQ-Editor" ( because this program doesn't use a dll-file from StarCraft the others use.

In the Alternative-Mode there is a german flag on the start location though I've got the english SCXE: Year, that's a known bug which will be fixed in the next version. As it don't touches any editing feature and is just a layout bug I haven't released a patch for that. If you feel VERY disturbed by that fact send me an email and I'll send an updated MPQ-file for the Alternative-Mode to you.

I can't find the folder start location in the Editors: This folder has been removed as it contained only the start location and there are enough other folders in SCXE. You can find the start location in the special folder now.

How do I use the AI-Scripts like "Recall" or "Disruption Web", they don't seem to work: Look at point 5 of this FAQ, it's just a question of knowing what the script requires.

Any other questions? email me or post them in the forum (


What are the differences between the modes? Year, I've had this question very often. The information that comes with SCXE seemes to be not enough. Please read the introduction of this FAQ that gives an overview. If you've got a special question email me or post it in the forum(

Can I create the new units with a trigger? No, you can't. They are listened in the list for creation but this doesn't work in normal StarCraft, you could just remove or move them by trigger. So often it help setting them for a neutral player in an unused corner of them map and then moving and giving them to the right player at the right place.

Can I set the upgrade time to 0? No, this isn't possible because of the StarEdit engine. You'll need GUEdit for doing this, a program that must be run after all Staredit-doing like ScmToolkit.

How do I use the new AI-Scripts like "Nuke here" or "Recall"? Look at point 5 of this FAQ, they are explained there.

Couldn't you make it that you can also change the player colors? Couldn't you add new conditions and actions for triggers? Couldn't you improve the editor by adding ... ? The answer to most of this questions is easy: NO! The SCXE is a mod of StarEdit, not a completely new program with a new engine.

Any further questions not answered here in another part? email me or post in the forum(


Upgrades: All weapon, armor and shield upgrades can be set to 255 levels, also the Scarab damage. (Yes, this works with normal StarCraft!) Please make sure that you set them down to the level you want them to be or you could have a bad surprise when playing your map. All other upgrades must only be researched once. (I could set this higher, but it would have no effect, so there's no use doing this.)

The "new" AI-Scripts with location: The most new scripts are the one from Blizzards single player campaigns in StarCraft and Broodwar and the StarCraft demo. All of them still work, but some are unused. So every of these script has an information about the strengh (this means the script is similar to a campaign script) or what the AI is doing if is no "normal" script. The others are scripts like Recall, Nuke, Disruption Web. They all need a computer or human player (no neutral!) which has all buildings and units a normal act would require without the technology itself. For example: Recall requires an Arbiter with full energy (Recall must not be researched!) per Recall an a location where the recall should be executed. Nuke requires a loaded nuclear silo owned by the player, a ghost and a region for executing the nuke, it's the same with disruption web (Corsair and location). Please note that the heroes (Danimoth, Raszagal) do not work with these scripts.

The shared vision scripts: These scripts give the owner of the script the view of the player that is mentioned in the script (when turn on is selected, otherwise it's taken away). Example: Player 1 has the script "Turn on shared-vision with player 2, then he'll see also player 2's units (cloaked ones too!). You can also turn off the vision with yourself, but use this carefully or you won't be able to control any of your units afterwards.

Dialog windows in SCXE: All windows with an "StarCraft X-tra Editor" mark have been changed. Some of them have only been made wider (as the trigger dialogues), but some contain a bit more information or have a new order (as the properties-window). These changes have been made to make the Editor more user-friendly and easier to understand. In the german version spelling mistakes and wrong words have also been corrected.

History of the SCXE: Please see the file "SCXE versions.txt" that comes with SCXE for this.

Credits: Original StarCraft and Staredit: Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft X-tra Editor and this FAQ: General Mengsk (email: Used programms and tools: see the information that comes with SCXE

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