About Scmdraft:

Scmdraft is the first and oldest third party map editor for Starcraft. The goal of this project was to allow map editing without requiring multiple programs in order to edit maps, while simultaneously providing all features possible with the map format.

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Scmdraft is the first third party mapeditor for starcraft. The original mapeditor was started in december 2001, and was written in delphi. This version was updated and improved for roughly 2 years, until it was able to match staredit in terms of features and capabilities. However a key feature, isometrical terrain, was missing. Due to frustration while trying to implement this work was stopped for almost a year. However, In summer 2003 work was restarted on understanding the algorithm behind isometrical tile matching, after this was done the first versions of ScmDraft 2 were written and released. While this started out only being able to edit terrain, it quickly grew to cover all other layers. There also were experiments in using direct3d, directdraw, and opengl to render the maps. These however were abandened because video cards stopped supported 256 color textures which were required in order to acheive decent speed. This is the codebase the current version is based on, where, roughly 3 years after the first release, any feature imaginable has been implemented.

Currently, ScmDraft 2 can do everything staredit and all the various SCXE modes can do as well as a number of things not possible with either of these programs. View the feature matrix for a rough comparison of these editors. Some notable features include opening multiple maps, zoom, brushes, copying terrain, units, doodads, and sprites between maps, and many more.


Custom Brushes:


Classic Trigedit


Multiple map views:


System Requirements:
Currently, windows scmdraft requires:
  • Starcraft installation (Alternatively stardat.mpq and patch_rt.mpq from patch 1.04 or higher, however testing is done with broodwar installed and this is recommended.)
  • Pentium 1 133mhz or higher
  • 40 MB memory
  • 2 mb harddrive room
  • Windows 95
  • 256 color display or higher
Note, these are the minimum specs scmdraft has been tested on. It may be possible to run scmdraft on slower hardware.

Mac scmdraft requirements will be announced when it enters alpha.

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