Adding Strings 'How-to'
Written by KoRn_

Adding Strings

Camelot Systems doesn't have a link, or the program, TblEdit.
If you have it, please email it to Otak. Thanks!

Step 1. Go into the mpq (ie. stardat.mpq, broodat.mpq and patch_rt.mpq) and extract 'rez\stat_txt.tbl'.

Step 2. Convert the tbl file to text format (via TblEdit)

Step 3. Add some extra lines to the bottom of the coverted text and save it.

Step 4. Convert it back to Tbl format (via TblEdit)

Step 5. Go into StarGraft, find the button you want, right click on one of the strings part and select 'Load Strings'.

Step 6. Find the text file and select it.

Step 7. Put the converted Tbl in a cwad and run.
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