Scmdraft updated to 0.9.10 - Extended Color Support
 Posted: 27-09-2019 00:30:43
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to version 0.9.10. This version adds support for the extended player color options added in SC:R patch 1.23.1. This also includes the hotfixes to 0.9.09 which were necessated by changes to the data files in a 1.23 hotfix. This option does not include support for the extended string tables, support for those should hopefully hit the alpha site within the next week or two (day job time constraints permitting, fall is the busiest time of the year).

The new color options include

  • Additional pre-defined colors

  • Option to enable the player to select the color in the lobby

  • Force player to be assigned a random color from the pool of colors

  • Define player's color via RGB code.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds of the next version, 0.9.11, will be made available here.

I would like to thank everybody who helped support hosting / development, and especially those who took the time to test the alphas and report bugs.


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