ScmDraft support for SC:R 1.23 patch
 Posted: 11-07-2019 10:10:10
The latest starcraft patch has changed the way the game data is stored. In order to use ScmDraft with this version, an update is required, the older versions will not load, instead they are stuck in a "Find Starcraft Dir" loop.

The new version will be fully released in the next couple of days. Before that time, use the july 9th (or newer) version from the alpha release page here. This may be unzipped to replace an existing install, or for use as a portable version from any folder.

If the starcraft path is not autodetected, configure the settings as follows: Example profile settings. Note: The autodetected path may be empty or display not found.
Set the custom path option and enter the path where you have starcraft installed. This is not the starcraft directory under my documents, most common case is "C:program files (x86)StarCraft". It should include a "data", "x86", and "x86_64" folder among other files. Make sure to set the starcraft version to 1.23 or to autodetect in the profile settings. If your settings dialog looks like this: (example settings, then you are still using an older incompatible version.

If you get an error message **"Unable to access the CASC data!"**, then the configuration is correct but the install is corrupt. You will need to scan/verify your installation using the bnet app.


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