Scmdraft updated to 0.9.08
 Posted: 23-04-2019 23:46:29
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.08. This version converts the entire editor to use unicode text internally. However user entered text is still converted using the current system locale.

I would like to thank everybody who helped support hosting / develpment, as well as those who took the time to test the alphas and report bugs.

The new editor features included in this release are:

  • Added the ability to cut / copy / paste the active location in the location layer.
  • Added the ability to cut / copy / paste initial fog of war in the fog of war and cut/copy/paste layers. Use shift when copying in the fog of war layer to copy the current unique setting per player instead of only the current player's fog of war, and control when placing in the fog of war layer to place the current brush contents for all players.

  • Added the ability to display the town locations / resource areas used by AIs when determining where to build. (Mainly used for modding, but also useful to see where an AI may expand to)
  • Added support for mods which extend the player color tables
  • .
  • Added support for mods which add a parallax background to non-space tilesets.

  • Added toggles to switch between displaying / cloaking / hiding unit, doodad, and sprite graphics.
  • Added an option to allow placing units within the building placement boxes, but not intersecting the pathing collision boxes (stacking).
  • Added the ability to resize the classic trigedit 'edit trigger' window.
  • The Map image export now supports more overlay options.
  • The terrain palette now opens when switching to tileset indexed mode.
  • Improved auto-determination of the starcraft installation directory.
  • Internal improvements required to prepare for future features.

As well as bugfixes including but not limited to:
  • Fix location issues during map resizing.
  • Fix minimap display update on map load.
  • Fix crash when trying to play sounds without a soundcard installed.
  • Fix occasional missing unit damage overlays.
  • Require broodwar format maps when custom player colors are used.
  • etc ...

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds of the next version, 0.9.09, will be made available here.

Update: This list of post-release fixes will be continiously updated

  • Fix (26 / 04 / 2019): When adding multiple 'Create Unit With Properties' actions to the same trigger the properties were always synced.


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