Version History of: ScmDraft 2 Version 0.9.10 (Installer)

Important Note: If not running ScmDraft 2 with admin permissions,
and upgrading from a version before 0.9.0, the auto-update may not download correctly
under windows 7 or newer. In that case, download the newest version from the following page:

Release 0.9.10

Major Features:
SC:R custom color support added (Introduced in patch 1.23.1)

Minor Features:
Launcher: Added autoupdate button to launcher, in order to allow updates even if the editor fails to launch.
Autodetect broodwar tech and upgrade customization
Attempt to support parallel access of game data while SC:R is running
Classic Trigedit: Space now toggles action enabled / disabled

Update file paths for changes in 1.23 patch
Classic Trigedit: Improve a few default parameters for new conditions / actions
etc ...

Release 0.9.09

Major Features:
Full SC:R 1.23 support (CASC data storage)
Revamp of the profile settings window to simplify configuration
Added support for extended EUD triggers (EUDs with bitmask)
Completely new text trigger compile engine. (Note: the UI is unchanged)
Added text trigger view to the trigger window in classic trigedit using the new engine. This allows text based editing of the current trigger.

Minor Features:
Profile Settings: The 'custom locale' setting now affects entered text in the main editor (e.g. not plugins). This allows usage of korean text on an english system.
Profile Settings: Added ability to clone profiles
Profile Settings: Further improved determination of the starcraft installation directory.
Classic Trigedit: Default setting for 'Always Display' in triggers is now enabled
Terrain palette: Added multi-select via click and drag
Location Properties: Now displays the ID

Open brush archives as read only
Require SC 1.04 format maps when broodwar unit stats are modified
Require SC 1.04 format maps when broodwar triggers are used
Save map as chk now works again correctly
etc ...

Release 0.9.08

Major Features:
Add the ability to cut / copy / paste locations in the location layer.
Add the ability to cut / copy / paste initial fog of war in the fog of war and cut/copy/paste layers. Use shift when copying in the fog of war layer to copy for all players, and control when placing in the fog of war layer to place for all players.

Convert editor to use unicode instead of ansi (However, entered text is still converted to the system locale).

Mod Features:
Add the ability to display the town locations / resource areas used by AIs when determining where to build.
Add support for additional player colors.

Minor Features:
Add toggle to switch between displaying / cloaking / hiding unit, doodad, and sprite graphics.
Add an option to allow placing units withing building placement boxes, but not intersecting the pathing collision boxes.
Add ability to resize the classic trigedit 'edit trigger' window
Map image export now supports more overlay options.
Terrain palette now opens when switching to tileset indexed mode.
Improve determination of the starcraft installation directory.

Fix location issues during map resizing.
Fix minimap update on map load.
Fix crash when trying to play sounds without a soundcard installed.
Fix occasional missing unit damage overlays.
Require broodwar format maps when custom player colors are used.
etc ...

Release 0.9.07

Add support for new doodads introduced in Starcraft:Remastered patch 1.22.
Add support for the new map format which supports the new doodads.

Add custom terrain overlays to the doodad palette.

Fix various reported bugs.

Release 0.9.06

Fix a crash when copying arbitrary blobs of terrain (via ctrl + select)

Release 0.9.05
Add ability to offset map contents when resizing, or just offset maps.
Add undo / redo capabilities to resizing / offsetting maps, as well as morphing the tileset.
Fix a potential crash with unit HP bars when pressing control.

Release 0.9.04
Fix a potential crash when editing map terrain

Release 0.9.03
Integrated error logging into main UI.

Added EUD support to classic trigedit, and improved EUD support in text trigedit.

Improved classic trigedit - recently set trigger parameters are remembered, etc

Improved animation handling for the current brush - this fixes artifacts when placing door sprites.
Improved various terrain related logic.

Removed limitation of 8 viewports per map.

Additional minor fixes

Release 0.9.02
Add building damage effect graphics to the placed units.
Add 600% and 800% zoom levels

Fix an issue with string referencing when resetting switch names
Fix an issue when upgrading a map to broodwar format and saving - the map needed to be saved twice to save all information.

Improve mirror X / Y / X-Y coordinate calculation.
Additional minor fixes

Release 0.9.01
Updated auto-update and backup database to work with UAC
If the starcraft directory is not found, ask for it directly
and update the profile instead of closing
Prevent saving a map if the string table size limit was exceeded (65K)
Fix a potential color code parsing bug when editing strings.
Fix brushes containing terrain and [doodads / sprites / units] only placing terrain.

Release 0.9.0
Vastly expanded overlay options
- Terrain tile properties (Height, walkable, buildable, etc)
- Terrain microtile properties (Height, walkable)
- Unit ranges
- etc

Added unit, unit sprite, and pure sprite palettes (window menu)
Completely overhauled doodad and user-defined brush palette

Expanded terrain symmetry options
=> Rotational symmetry, including degree, stretch, skew.

Added pathfinding region displahy
=> Use this to debug various pathing issues

Added support for OGG sound files

Added support for HiDPI / font scaling

Overhaul map settings window

Many many many bug fixes, stability, performance, and usability improvements

Release 0.8.0
Added isometrical terrain mirroring.
Added observer trigger option when creating a new map.
Added possibility to directly edit location coordinates
Fixed default installation map triggers.
FIxed a minor difference in the way trigedit and classic trigedit count string usage.
Updated iscript code to run several more opcodes as well as now correctly preview units with subunits.
Fixed an issue with windows vista which caused a freeze while resizing windows.
Many other minor improvements.

Release 0.7.3
Fixed a bug which caused text trigedit to occasionally shift switch indexii
Fixed a bug which could cause maps to crash using installation door doodads
Fixed a freeze when attempting to delete doodads with no doodads selected

Release 0.7.2
Fixed a bug which could corrupt strings when loading maps with renamed switches. Update scmdraft !!
Fixed a display bug in trigedit and string editor for korean chars, as well as some ascii chars

Release 0.7.0
- UPDATE: Fixed a rarely occuring freeze when placing siege tanks
- Redid plugin code, updated text trigedit for new plugin interface
- Implemented wildcard select in terrain and cut/copy/paste mode. Press ctrl or shift + ctrl to select terrain.
- Enabled display of backup times in the backup database
- Added several zoom in levels
- Added dialog for stacking
- Fixed a crash introduced in prerelease 3 which could occur when deselecting a unit due to multithreading issues
- Fixed 2 minor crashes in prerelease 3
Minor Changes:
- Fixed a broken opcode in iscript routine which froze a sprite.
- Tileset Index window now remembers width via profile.
- Enabled mousescroll in tileset index.
- Changing the players of a trigger will now automatically select the new player in order to show the trigger in the list .
- Selecting and deselecting protoss units will now not always show powered status .
- Added current line display to text trigedit
- Fixed switch numbering in text trigedit
- Fixed bug which caused you not to be able to select cut/copy/paste layer via menu
- New debug option: Show collision boxes
- New option: Copy doodad tiles when copying terrain

Prerelease #3
- Added classic mission briefing editor
- Added switch renaming dialog
- Added support for 1.14 text colors
- Redid the string editor (Including color tag table)
- Added color tag table to trigger editor
- Changing player now accepts ("2", "02", "Player 2", "Player 02")
- Isom brush now changes size every step
- Colorcode stripping in strings in unit tree and classic trigedit dropdowns
- Cut / Copy / Paste layer has filters
- Added brush window
- Ability to save custom brushes to file and subsequently load
- Minimap reflects fog of war
- Fixed minor cosmetic bugs
- Added a few more display options
- Ability to select multiply rectangles when copy / pasting terrain (via shift and ctrl)
- New map creates default melee map triggers

Prerelease #2
- Fixed a bug with ashworld shale terrain.
- Fixed a bug that didn't update creep and mineral placement after using arrow keys to move units.
- Fixed a freeze caused by an error in converting single grid to dual grid.
- Fixed a crash when pasting units off the screen.

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