Map details for: U n i t_ A r e n a v.3.2.0.scx
Title:U N I T  A R E N A V.3.2.0
Description:Only the stongest and cleverest will survive in the battle. Are you going to be the one? Ascend to the highest lvl and make your enemy miserable in your presence. Official Ver
-Made by hohyss- Official Ver.3.2.0
Size:64 x 64
Total Minerals:0
Total Vespene:0
Filesize:71.2 kB


Submitter's DescriptionUnit Arena-
-You will intensively upgrade one unit and attack the enemy with elite squads.
level 1 unit will servce you as a money maker.

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Player Race Owner Zerg Food Terran Food Protoss Food
P.L.A.Y.E.R.S ( F.F.A )(Allied: Off, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: Off
Player 1Red ZergHuman211
Player 2Blue ZergHuman211
Player 3Teal ZergHuman211
Player 4Purple ZergHuman211
U.M.P.I.R.E(Allied: On, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 7White ZergComputer5138
U.N.I.T_A.R.E.N.A v.3.2.0(Allied: On, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 5Orange ProtossNeutral020
Player 6Brown TerranNeutral021
Player 8Yellow ZergComputer000
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