Map details for: Pylon Defense Final2.scx
Title:Pylon Defense
Description:Build Pylons to gain defense.
Tileset:Ice World
Size:128 x 128
Total Minerals:6000
Total Vespene:0
Filesize:39.0 kB


Submitter's DescriptionMade this map a year ago using Scmdraft... It could use some more work to be more ballanced (only 2 spawn points - i'm lazy :) ) but it's quite fun when you finally get all the players and learn how to play - build a pylon - it creates 1 lurker, nexus = 1

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Player Race Owner Zerg Food Terran Food Protoss Food
Defenders(Allied: On, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 1Red ZergHuman000
Player 2Blue ZergHuman000
Player 3Teal ZergHuman000
Player 4Purple ZergHuman000
Player 7White ZergUnused000
Player 8Yellow TerranUnused000
Computer Attacker(Allied: On, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 5Dark Aqua TerranComputer8189
Player 6Pale Green TerranComputer8189
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