Map details for: Dragon Ball Piccolo Saga.scx
Author:Cats869 - First Dragon Ball Map Released!
Title:Dragon Ball - Piccolo Saga
Description:Defeat Demon King Piccolo before he rules the Earth!
Beta Version 0.53
Made by Cats869.
Tileset:Jungle World
Size:256 x 256
Total Minerals:0
Total Vespene:0
Filesize:420.7 kB


Submitter's DescriptionApparently, this is the first released Dragon Ball map so far.

This map takes place right after Goku encounters Tambourine the first time and loses to Tambourine.
If you encounter any bugs/glitches or have feedback/suggestions about this map, please

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Player Race Owner Zerg Food Terran Food Protoss Food
Goku/Krill/Tien/Yam/Chiao(Allied: On, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 1Red ZergHuman201
Player 2Blue ZergHuman201
Player 3Teal ProtossHuman220
Player 4Purple ProtossHuman220
Player 5Orange TerranHuman200
Created on 8/31/08.(Allied: On, Random: Off, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 6Brown ZergComputer003
Player 7White ZergComputer31420
Demon King Piccolo & Minions(Allied: Off, Random: Off, Vision: Off, Allied Victory: Off
Player 8Yellow TerranComputer148042
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