Map details for: (4)Dark Temple.scx
Title:Dark Land
Description:When darkness fall on this land, its best time to attack.
Tileset:Twilight World
Size:128 x 128
Total Minerals:354000
Total Vespene:100000
Filesize:93.8 kB


Submitter's DescriptionMap made for 1v1, can be great even in 2v2. You have two choices, get 4 aditional mineral expansion, that is easy to protect, or expand to more hazzard places, where is more minerals or more gas. Wall in will be little harder, cause of bigger opening to b

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Player Race Owner Zerg Food Terran Food Protoss Food
Players(Allied: Off, Random: On, Vision: On, Allied Victory: Off
Player 1Red User SelectHuman000
Player 2Blue User SelectHuman000
Player 3Teal User SelectHuman000
Player 4Purple User SelectHuman000
Nonused(Allied: On, Random: On, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 5Orange User SelectComputer000
Player 6Brown ProtossHuman000
Player 7White ZergHuman000
Player 8Yellow TerranHuman000
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