Map details for: Super Sub Zero.scx
Title:Super Sub Zero
Description:I have no good news for you Commander. Zerg's are believed to have a faint relation to the insects on earth. Still we find them here, surpricingly active in super sub zero temperatures.Expect heavy resistance...
Tileset:Ice World
Size:256 x 256
Total Minerals:1346500
Total Vespene:415000
Filesize:193.3 kB


Submitter's DescriptionMe and my friends enjoy making maps and co-op against various AI combinations. Here is a fun Melee multiplayer map, where especialy AI Zergs do well.
Best regards - have fun.

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Player Race Owner Zerg Food Terran Food Protoss Food
(Allied: On, Random: On, Vision: On, Allied Victory: On
Player 1Red ZergHuman000
Player 2Blue TerranHuman000
Player 3Teal ProtossHuman000
Player 4Purple ZergHuman000
Player 5Orange TerranHuman000
Player 6Brown ProtossHuman000
Player 7Green ZergHuman000
Player 8Yellow TerranHuman000
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