Scmdraft 0.5.5 released!
 Posted: 29-05-2005 18:42:55
After months of work and testing, Stormcoast Fortress is finally releasing Scmdraft 2 v 0.5.5 to the public. This is a major milestone in the evolution of scmdraft, with over 90% of all planned features being implemented and the requirements continuing to sink. The bug and suggestion lists will remain open for the next version, also the mac suggestion list has been opened to all registered users.

Major changes from 0.4.5:

  • Ability to open multiple maps simultaneously

  • Ability to open multiple windows of the same map

  • Ability to preview units viewrange (Actual fog of war)

  • Ability to zoom out

  • Completely redesigned terrain palette, easier to use and improved scroll speed

  • More liberty with brush sizes

  • The unit tree now includes doodads, sprites, as well as terrain

  • All sounds are now played using directsound, the wav dialog will no longer lock up.

  • A basic text trigger editor is now included

  • Added profiles for settings

  • Recoded main engine to be multithreaded to increase performance.

  • Various modes now work faster

  • Added advanced dirty rect code to increase performace

  • Enabled debug menu for those interested

  • Changed how grids may be set

  • New doodad window

  • More unit animations

  • Backups and autosaves are now stored in a database accessable from the advanced menu

  • Added numerous new options.

  • Improved recovery of damaged maps

  • Added usage table to string editor

  • Editing terrain now only removes illegally placed units in the vincinity of the edited terrain.

  • Added ability to change map tileset

Download it as zip(981 KB) or rar(838 KB).

Here are a few of the planned features for the next major release, 0.6.0

  • Custom Brushes (Terrain, doodads, units, sprites)

  • Copy and paste (Terrain, doodads, units, sprites)

  • Implementation of many of the suggestions

Also, Darkwizzard has been working on porting Scmdraft to mac, here are three screenshots showcasing his progress (click to enlarge)

(532 KB)

(537 KB)

(785 KB)


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